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Tyranny now rules California. It does so because we Californians have ceded our own power and authority to an “expert” class of elected officials and jurists who, despite the People attempting to enforce term limitations on our defacto despots, have nonetheless selected for themselves life-long office and perpetual placement in seats of power. In doing so, they have turned our natural and God-given rights into tradable commodities necessary to complete their transactions of state and governance. 

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” -C.S. Lewis

Many such examples can be found in the current water crises in the Klamath Basin and the Central Valley of California. The Central Valley farmers had recent limitations on obtaining as little as 0-15% of prior water allocation placed on them. When President Obama was in the hunt needing votes for the recent passage of nationalized healthcare, this allotment was increased to 40%, and suddenly two holdout Congressional votes were easy game for the President. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had proposed and promised a convoluted $11 billion dollar water project meant for repairing much of the Sacramento Delta and address some of the Central Valley water issues. With great fanfare, the Governor and California State Legislature placed their pork-laden bond issue on the November, 2010 ballot. But the political needs of the lame-duck Governor and the Legislators have again changed. While the needs of suffering communities in the Central Valley have only greatened, the Governor and the State Legislature is in the process of aggressively removing said relief from the ballot and choose to deny the People a say on the issue. You see, the profit from trafficking in human rights of those in the Central Valley and elsewhere would be much better spent on another day. Until then, those rights have been pulled from the Auction of Political Capital until a higher reserve can be met. 

This, unfortunately, is the current rule of law and governance in California. It need not stay so. Within our own state history, we can point to the tale of our founding and how the Bear Flag Revolters retook California when their rights had been usurped.  In a time and circumstances much more like our own, Howard Jarvis led Californians to pass Proposition 13 and therefore remanding the Golden State back to the People.  And now it is in your time for your heart and your hands to decide the California your children shall inherit. What legacy is fitting for them and how much should it cost you? 

By now you are aware of the Water For Fighting PAC and our attempt to qualify a California wide ballot initiative that is an assault on all our inept leadership.  With your help and those of hundreds of volunteers, we have begun collecting signatures. Despite this furious effort, we currently lag in our count in the time necessary to complete the 800,000 needed by October 10th, 2010. In order to mount the type of California wide media campaign necessary to accomplish this, we are making an innovative fundraising appeal to our supporters so that we may accelerate our hiring of professional circulators. 

Water IOU

Der Arnold Power IOU

Power IOU


In the next month, instead of paying either your power or water bill, we are asking you to send that authority an IOU for that month’s payment. We have prepared attractive documents to complete for this purpose. As you will note, our IOUs bear a striking image of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the official who has led a government so enamored with using this type of monetary device.  We even suggest making additional copies for sharing with friends and scrapbooking for posterity.  We understand that many of our supporters are suffering financially, but certainly 8.3% of what each of us pays for water or power in one year is mightily worth: 

  • Lifelong relief from taxes on homes, fuel, CO2, and water
  • Creating millions of jobs and attaining full employment in two years
  • Re-establishing California as the premier economy in the United States


We know we are asking the People of California to do a difficult thing in trying times. All the same, we know those who have examined our ballot initiative will recognize that Californians have so much to obtain from utilizing this simple IOU and finding a way to make their payments at a later occasion. Please share this manifesto with your family, friends, and colleagues! 


Oscar A. Braun and J. F. Shaughnessy


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