Communications Director Joe Shaughnessy grew up in the Midwest around the Great Lakes and calls California, “The first strange and foreign land I was sent to by the U. S. Army.”  After serving five years active duty at Fort Ord and Landstuhl, Germany, he has worked in the healthcare industry as a trainer and customer representative for products, devices, and services.  Mr. Shaughnessy’s most recent political interests center on restoring 10th Amendment protections to California’s citizens. He is married and  lives in San Jose, California.

Executive Director Oscar Braun has professionally served the medical and health care industry for thirty eight years and has led the CRMP Council California Watershed Posse in many actions over some 15 years. Posse numbers have varied according to the numbers involved in the issue at hand, with groups as large as 34,000 working together to maintain property, water, access and other rights while promoting real conservation. The type when man is known as having legal standing before the law, not another species. That is also the type where no special circumstances for cronies and family members of officials are made, while the general populace is threatened with the full weight and measure of  laws on the many books of government and quasi-governmental agencies. Mr. Braun is married and has two children and four grandchildren. He resides in Half Moon Bay, California.