Mr. Allen Barker is a Republican candidate for the California 28th Assembly District. He has an incredibly varied background with experience in construction, finance, and also as a business owner. Some of his other personal pursuits involve the National Ski Patrol, the Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association, scuba diving, and shooting sports, to name just a few.

Allen is the first of many candidates to express an interest in this initiative after he heard it discussed on KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz. You may find out more about him by visiting his website at:


Allen Barker, Republican Candidate for the CA 28th Assembly District

Why I Support the CA “Unalienable Rights” Initiative

While I have always been interested in politics as an engaged citizen, I never aspired to run for public office until recently when I began feel that our federal and state governments had finally gone too far on too many fronts. Creeping curtailment with what we can and cannot rightfully do on our property and endless restrictions regarding use of California’s bountiful resources; enforced by multiple agencies that have many different interpretations of the same laws. Now, like a great many Americans, I’ve had it.  It’s time for all of us who care about this state and this country to stand up and do whatever we can to change the direction our elected officials are taking us in.  That’s why I have declared my candidacy for the 28th District Assembly seat, vacated by Salinas Democrat Anna Caballero who will run for state Senate. 

When campaigning, I have found a valuable tool to explain the kind of innovation I believe California needs to find her way back to the incredible success story that was once that of our Golden State. In addition to setting up a white board for my audience, I have printed out a placard of the WFF PAC  Unalienable Rights Initiative and place it prominently for my audience to see. I point to it and say that such an initiative is what California needs to find her way home to another time of robust prosperity, ingenuity, and leadership in this nation.

Over the last 40 years, we have seen how the radical environmental movement has systematically destroyed the vibrant economy in the nation’s Golden State. The victims of the endangered species statutes began with the death of our great timber industry, then the fishing industry. Since 2001, we’ve seen Californians experience the loss of their water rights. This began with the Klamath River Basin and has now spread to the parts of San Joaquin Central Valley, just south of the 28th. The supposed purpose of cutting off of up to 90% of this water was to save a type of endangered smelt, although there is much to question whether the cited threats to the survival of this fish are in fact legitimate. That said, I do not remember fish having legal standing before man with regard to the right to resources such as water.

Our forefathers acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence that our rights came from the Supreme Being and that they are unalienable in nature. An unalienable right is one that cannot be removed by men. I don’t remember surrendering my unalienable rights to owls, frogs, salamanders, and smelt….Do you?  The WFF PAC California Unalienable Rights Initiative  includes the following:

(d) The People of California shall have the exclusive unalienable Right to nullify ALL Federal powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the State of California respectively, or to the People.


California is one of but ten states with the ability to use an initiative process. Once law, the WFF PAC California Unalienable Rights Initiative will empower the people of California to return themselves to the state of enjoying unalienable rights. Never again will our children need worry about having their most basic rights denied them.  When I am your California Assemblyman, I will be your servant. You must know that I will uphold my Oath of Office and be always mindful that your rights in our Constitution are close to my heart and will always be preserved, defended, and cherished by me.

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