Is California Too Big To Fail?

Dear Friends, 

The State of California is too big to fail.  

Do these words cause concern? They very well should. The State of California is in a financial crisis and about to become a burden….Your burden. The elected leadership in California would just assume pass on our bills to all of you, whether you live in California or not. The current administration in Washington believes they have a strong constituency here and must bail us out with your money. How does that thought grab you? 

Most of you know that trends beginning in California quickly find their way across the nation. And we’re not speaking just about pop music, videos, and movies.  We’re speaking about political trends, both good and ill, that have become part of our culture.  The New Left and its counterculture began here before flourishing and spreading across the nation. On the other hand, the Golden State vision of Pat Brown, Reaganism, and the legal legacy of Proposition 13 brought some of the California Dream to all Americans. 

Liberty thinking Americans, whether in California or not, can help choose the next new trend. And you can help California in a way more honorable than bailing us out with your children’s money. Do this by supporting an effort meant to similarly reset the financial and political parameters brought about by Proposition 13. It is called the Water For Fighting (WFF) California Ballot Initiative.  Whether you are a Californian or live elsewhere and just want California to stay out of your pocket, here is what you must do: 

We have started a fire that is spreading through the fields and valleys of California. We want people from all the states to come take a turn and squeeze the bellows stoking this flame. Save us and save yourselves by making this letter viral. Praying for our success is highly encouraged. 


Joseph F. Shaughnessy
Communications Director
Water For Fighting PAC
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