This article appears in the Malcolm Media periodical Vegetables West. a leading agricultural publication in their May, 2010 issue.

All of the Central Valley is wondering just when-the-hell they might get some city folk to come to their side in this despicable man-made dustbowl they have endured for so many months.  I’m pleased to tell you that some of the crazed environmentalists that helped create and push our Central Valley brethren into this situation are about to foster millions of allies for you in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

I’m with the California Watershed Posse and I’m here to help. We have been around for about 15 years and engaged with organizations such as the Sierra Club, Bureau of Reclamation, and the California Coastal  

Desiccated Central Valley Orchard

Commission in disputes regarding air, water, habitat for humanity, marine ecosystems, energy resources and securing other exclusive unalienable Rights for Californians. Most recently, the Restore Hetch Hetchy organization and their Progressive allies have decided that the San Francisco Bay area no longer needs that reservoir which supplies the drinking water for 2.5 million water user accounts. Instead, they believe that we should compete downstream on the Tuolumne River for water rights that already belong to Modesto and Turlock. Every couple of years they rattle sabers and threaten to put the demolition of the O’Shaughnessy Dam at Hetch Hetchy up for vote in San Francisco. As part of an earlier court agreement with San Francisco, they’ve even kept elected representatives from that city and county muzzled and “neutral,” unable to comment and otherwise act in their own best interests in this regard, while your state and federal taxes paid for their independent studies for destruction of that incredible project.

 This is one such year they are threatening a ballot initiative and we have determined to call their bluff by authoring an initiative of our own. While we’re at it, we also want to fix what ails you. Our organization determined that the causes we fight for can no longer be addressed effectively on a regional basis. On the San Francisco Peninsula, the latest insult is the California Coastal Commission denying all new and replacement wells in its jurisdiction.  Farmers, ranchers, arborists, and residential homeowners are all included. The same battles that we fight in our area are similarly fought by others throughout the state. Consider our brothers and sisters in the Klamath Basin who have suffered at the hands of their government for years. You know your own troubles. And so it goes statewide. 

For this reason, we bring to California the availability of a plebiscite state ballot initiative with input from across the nation that could be described as Proposition 13 on steroids. We want California to re-exert her 10th Amendment Rights and tell the Feds to go to hell!   

  • No more revolving dustbowls approved with the stroke of some bureaucrat’s pen and thus destroying  a whole region
  • No confusion which species has legal standing regarding protection by our Constitution and Founding Documents
  • Recognition that man is not an invasive species

 This is the strong medicine for California; the Water For Fighting (WFF) California Ballot Initiative is just 191 words:  


(a) The State of California shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of the People’s exclusive unalienable Right to Life; or abridging the freedom of the People’s exclusive unalienable Right to Life, Production, Use and Consumption of air, CO2, water, habitat for humanity, and energy generating natural resources.

(b) The State of California shall not levy any taxes, fees, assessments or fines on the Production, Use or Consumption by the People of air, CO2, water, habitat for humanity, and energy generating natural resources.

(c) The State of California, upon approval by the electorate, shall repeal the 1970 California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA),  the 1976 California Coastal Act  (Prop. 20), California Endangered Species Act (CESA) and the 2006 US California Global Warming Act (AB32), and expunge all references and all citations from the repealed laws found within the California Public Resource Code and Health and Safety Code.

(d) The People of California shall have the exclusive unalienable Right to nullify ALL Federal powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the State of California respectively, or to the People.

The laws and acts repealed above are currently used to bludgeon us until we succumb and either short sell or abandon our properties, destroying our communities and culture in the process. We say enough. Here is what you must do:  

  • Go to our website and sign our virtual petition
  • Tell your friends throughout the nation about this petition and initiative so they might effect change here and also save themselves the fate of California
  • Inform your Congressman you want his or her endorsement of WFF
  • Tell the Governor and your State Assemblyman you want the WFF plebiscite initiative placed on this November’s ballot to be voted on by the People of California


Joseph F. Shaughnessy
Communications Director
Water For Fighting PAC 
Phone:  408-461-1211

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